The 7 secrets to getting the photographs you want, when you want it & on budget

1.   Our initial phone chat.

Here’s where we share some ideas about your marketing strategies, your expectations and touch on some of your previous projects. I’ll “get in you head” so to speak.  We’ll also check on dates to make sure it all fits in with your deadlines.

2.   We discuss the brief

We meet at your office if convenient – this helps us to get to get to know you and the culture of your business. Alternatively we can chat on Skype. We like to explore your target market, the usage of the images and your preference for the style and techniques to be used. This contributes to a picture of want you want the final result to look like.

3.   Scoping your project.

Now this is where we map out a concrete plan, and we really go to work. The better the plan the more we can be relaxed and focused on the creative stuff. Timing is crucial to slot in around everyone’s busy schedules. Do you have a shot list? Do you have a location in mind? Do we need any model talent, wardrobe and props? Any digital transformation required? We search the location on Google Maps or go onsite for a location check to check the time for the best lighting and possible backgrounds to consider.  A shoot is a bit like a musical performance. Start with a play list or repertoire to suit the audience. Then add meticulous preparation, bring together a dynamic team with skills developed over years of experience and blend in some creative flair to capture that unique moment.

4.   The proposal  

Its time to discuss the different options based on your tastes, ideas for the location, the props, the models, the stylist and timing.  It’s an opportunity to lay out all the details and decide on what’s best. Also added are other possible options. It’s a bit like a restaurant menu.  We attach our terms and conditions in plain English- so there are no surprises at the shoot or afterwards.

5.   Your shoot.

Time to turn the plan into reality. The concentration of 30 years experience and having carefully scoped your project, is what will set your result apart. Our 450 square metre studio centrally located in South Yarra is available 24/7, offering terrific flexibility and convenience to you and your team. The day of a location shoot may depend on a “weather check”.  If we need to postpone the shoot to another day due to weather, there is no penalty to you. The shoot occurs faster than most people imagine, due to the time invested in scoping the project.

6.   Digital transformation.

This is tailored to the demands of your brief. Some things are automatic – for profile portraits this means reducing minor wrinkles and whitening eyes and teeth.  Others are not so obvious and can completely transform your results: adding a new sky, or adding an entire new background to a studio shot. Although we recommend ideas, we always remember it’s your project; we’ll work with you to get the outcome YOU want.

7.   Uploading files to your online galleries.

This can be a two-step process: low resolution images are uploaded into an online gallery -usually uploaded within 24 hours of the shoot. You then choose your favourites, which are digitally transformed and uploaded into a gallery of high resolution images. A link and your unique password are emailed so you can view and download all images, remaining online for the long term. If you need your images in Photoshop format, we can forward to you a DVD of all files.

We will call you some after to see if anything has changed or there’s anything you may need, and of cause we’d love to get your feedback of the experience.