Looking professional and confident / by Rob Anderson Squarespace

The right style, background, clothes, hair & make up and the attitude you portray at your session of photography all impact upon the outcome. We bring a notebook computer with us on site, tethered to the camera for your immediate feedback. You can feel confident you know exactly what you’re getting, allowing for the process of post production.

Choosing your outfit


A well-fitting black, navy or charcoal colour suit with your favourite tie/s.

Plain white or blue shirt, with protruding French cuffs as an additional touch.


Plain coloured jacket/suit- does not have to be black. For a caaual look, bring solid colours.

A plain light blouse or top

Simple, stylish jewellery and accessories.

You are welcome to bring along a few different pieces and we'll see what works best for you in front of the camera. Your company may require you to provide several different looks.

Do you need professional hair and make-up?

We recommend that at the very least you get a trim or haircut before your shoot, a week or so prior to the day if it can be organised.

Women: A thick layer of foundation stands out as unnatural, and actually attracts attention to itself. The same goes for excessive eye make-up. A light application of “day make-up” works best. If in doubt, less is best.

Men: we suggust a light face powder to reduce imperfections and reduce face shine from oils in the skin. 

Usage of the photographs

Do you know how the photographs will be used? In a national magazine article, internal newsletter, annual report, website or social media profiles?

The style you choose

Do a little research: think about how you want your organization to be represented. What does your competition look like? Take a look at our web galleries, review magazines and websites for ideas – we are happy to provide advice.

The background you choose

The background will help brand your organization – this can in your offices, painted or neutral backgrounds or a site significant to your organization. On site, the ideal space to shoot is a cleared meeting room or board room for space and privacy. 4 x 3 metres is an ideal minimum space for head and shoulders portraits although we can make any space work. We bring a notebook computer with us to your office, which is tethered to our camera for near-instant feedback, so you can feel confident you know exactly what you’re getting.


Our image enhancement and image retouching includes:

  • The reduction of lines and wrinkles.
  • Removal of obvious pimples or blemishes, minimization or reduction of scars.
  • Reduced redness in overtired eyes.
  • Teeth whitened and/or straightened as necessary.
  • Images supplied to two online galleries in high and low resolution

Delivering your files

After retouching, your images are uploaded to online galleries as low resolution and high resolution files. You can select and download these as you wish.