7 Questions to help you find the right photographer, guaranteed

1.            Do they understand your business?

Does your photographer delve into your business, so they understand your marketing strategies and understand the message YOU want your photographs to convey.

2.            What is their guarantee of satisfaction with the quality of their work?

Do they guarantee their work by offering to re-shoot any photographs FREE OF CHARGE if you are dis-satisfied?

3.            How much experience do they have?

How long have they been in business? Remember, the more experienced they are, the more likely they’ve solved similar problems relevant to your project, developed over thousands of assignments.

4.            Who are their clients, and do they allow you to speak to them?

You can tell a lot by the photographer’s client list. What do their clients say about working with them? Are they good problem solvers, dependable and able to meet tight deadlines?

5.            Do they have a comprehensively equipped studio space?

Depending on your project, you may need a professionally equipped kitchen, change rooms, equipment to build sets or a drive in studio big enough to photograph vehicles, room sets or larger furniture as well as a comprehensive selection of lighting. Can your photographer offer you the choice of these? This adds a level of reliability AND flexibility to your project.

6.            How skilled are they at enhancing your images?

Nearly all images can benefit from digital enhancement. You need to know whether your photographer will do it, how well they’ll do it, and what it’s likely to cost

7.             Do they upload images online image for you to access?

Does your photographer upload high resolution images to online galleries for you to download for life? Regardless of lost discs or computer crashes or upgrades, you will always have access to the enhanced high-resolution images from your projects.

               Why photography anyway?

Without sales, your business stops. Email marketing, web sites, advertising and social media are a necessary part of building sales. The cost for these is the same whether they’re effective or not. In a digital era, to make the most of your investment you need effective images. If you purchase photography from an experienced and talented photographer, you’ll be able to get years of use from your own library of images.