About Rob


During family “slide nights” I was transfixed by the colour and texture of Dad’s Kodachrome holiday images projected onto the loungeroom wall -  a red beaked bird perched on my sister’s head, cousins leaning on a farm fence in the orange glow of a sunset.  

As a schoolboy, playing piano and photography connected me with a larger world. My images were developed and printed in the garage loft. Here I discovered the magic of prints appearing from developer tray, illuminated by a dim amber safelight. These were my self-made movies with a soundtrack of cassette tapes of The Beatles, The Stones and Pink Floyd.

When a bearded 18-year-old, I back packed in the mountains of Java and Sabah (Malaysia), photographing people in wild places I never knew existed.  Forests like these are rapidly being replaced by roads, houses and industry.

My Dad owned factory where I worked during school holidays, so eventually I opened my own “factory”, a photographic studio in South Yarra, supporting a community of talented photographers.

My passion is trekking in the rapidly developing mountains of Nepal, India, as well as New Zealand and Tasmania. The unique is becoming rarer in a world of mindless growth.  The fragile nature of these unique places is what I love to capture.

All images ©Rob Anderson